This Weekend: Paleo Bake-a-Thon

by Dr. Julia Carlson, DC

May 17th, 2013 / in Nutrition, Paleo / no comments



What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Undoubtedly, it will be surrounded by food, no?  I like structuring sentences like Pepe Le Pew.

Well, our friends Steve and Erika have invited us to go with them on their annual trip to Rainy Lake, and since my husband is off of work with his shoulder surgery recovery, we are able to go this year!

I don’t want to go without some paleo goodies, even though Erika got her kettlebell instructor to lend us some kettlebells and we have a list of WOD activities to do for the weekend – we’re going to come back more ripped than when we left!  Either way, it will justify the need for non-paleo carbs, right Erika?

So, I wanted to make traditional camping-style foods that would be friendly for everyone.  Good thing there is and and a few others that are geniuses so I didn’t have to come up with all of these awesome recipes on my own.

Here is the extensive list of baking I’ll be doing on Sunday:

Paleo Bread
I long for bread – even though I don’t have an issue with my homemade sourdough, it takes 2 days to make and that is too long.  This way I can have toast for breakfast and still maintain my blood sugar so it doesn’t spike.
Paleo Brownies
Brownies.  Duh.  We’re going camping.
Infamous Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
These were a hit at Christmas time.  They are so good, and they meet both requirements of salty and sweet.  They are a favorite of my CrossFit Coach, Shane.  He was hinting I should bring some in on Monday when I mentioned I was going to be doing all of this.  I think I will, Shane.  I think I will.
Paleo Thin Mints
I have to be honest, I haven’t tried making these yet.  The success I have had with the OTHER paleo versions of Girl Scout cookies though has made me believe that these will be just as good.
Paleo Club Crackers – to eat with cheese.  I am going to eat cheese this weekend.  With crackers. 
Homemade Paleo Marshmallows
How can you go camping without having some marshmallows over the campfire?  I can’t wait to make some s’mores!
Paleo Graham Crackers
Can’t have s’mores without graham crackers.  These are light and crisp and buttery.  They are generally just yummy all by themselves, but I am sure they will be just awesome with chocolate and marshmallow!

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