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by Dr. Julia Carlson, DC

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Sunday Fridge

Here’s a picture of my fridge.  It’s Sunday, and I cooked for about 2 1/2 hours straight.  It’s what I do on Sunday afternoon.

I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping.  I was just lazy today.  Plus, my husband and I started streaming Weeds on Netflix,which took up my entire morning.  It’s so awesome to be able to watch 4 episodes in a row!  I’m tempted to go downstairs and finish the laundry for the week and watch a bunch of episodes without him.  He’d be mad.  It’s funny that we get mad at each other for watching shows/t.v. without one another.  What’s wrong with us?

Whatever, it’s cute.

So, everything that was made today was already in my refrigerator or freezer.  I make rules and follow them.  I’m a one-selved dictatorship.

Even if you don’t want to know, I’m going to tell you what I made.  On the top shelf (next to the non-paleo, however primal because it is indeed unpasteurized and whole milk) is the Asian venison steak salad with Asian toasted sesame vinaigrette.  There is no recipe:   I made it up and it was just a bunch of chopped veggies.  All I did was marinate the steak in 1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil, 2 Tbsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (but you could use Coconut Aminos), a clove of minced garlic and some salt and pepper.  Then I grilled it.  I chopped up a head of red cabbage, 10 scallions, 1 red pepper, and handful of cilantro.  I divided those veggies into 4 containers and topped with sliced steak strips.  The vinaigrette is a basic recipe:  3 Tbsp rice vinegar, 1 Tbsp honey, 3 Tbsp Liquid Aminos, 1 Tbsp toasted sesame seed oil, 1/2 cup EV olive oil, 1 Tbsp sea salt and 1 tsp minced ginger with about 2 Tbsp sesame seeds.  Shake it up and pour it on!

Next, I pulled some ribs my husband had made around Christmas time that we just placed (cooked) in the FoodSaver and re-froze it.  So that was easy.  I roasted some soup bones with marrow for the dogs today as well.  When you do that, in the dish is left some yummy beef tallow, so I roasted a head of cauliflower I had in the crisper with that, and just put salt and pepper on it.  I’ll have that with the ribs tonight for dinner.

I made some salads to go with a crustless quiche that was on this week’s menu for Paleo.  You should sign up for it.  So cheap.

I also made a concoction because I had a bag of frozen spinach, a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, some smoked sausage, grass-fed butter, bacon fat and canned coconut milk.  I turned it into a yummy cream sauce with garlic and spices, salt and pepper, then added the sauteed spinach, tomatoes and stirred in the smoked sausage.  It’s super YUM.

Then I made burgers.  Last fall when my husband went hunting, we decided that we wanted to grind our venison.  When we made burgers, we mixed venison 40%, 40% pork and 20% bacon.  Yes, we ground up bacon and put it in the burger.  It is INSANELY good.  I put some Rancher Steak Rub on them because it’s the best burger and steak seasoning EVER.  Then I added some caramelized onions on top which were 2 onions sliced thin and sauteed in bacon fat with salt and pepper until they are golden brown.  I am eating that with steamed broccoli for lunch tomorrow.

I was surprised that even though I have been following meal plans from, I still had all of this stuff in my fridge and freezer.  I usually spend about $120 per week on groceries (in addition to the meat that we already have in our freezer).  Now, either I can put that $120 away and spend less, or I can spend $240 on next weeks groceries…which makes me more excited than getting a new pair of shoes.  It’s a problem.

Let’s have a contest!  Whoever submits their fridge-dump-concoction recipe to me and is randomly picked to win will get their recipe posted in the blog and on the recipe archives AND win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!  One rule – must be Paleo!

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