OMG: Front Squats and Carb-Backloading

by Dr. Julia Carlson, DC

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We did front squats today.  My quads ache.  That is all.

Here is my shameless plug for what I’ve been doing and calling the miracle of hormone manipulation for weight loss.

Seriously, if you haven’t read Carb-Backloading by Kiefer, I highly suggest you do.  Then, you will have to read it again because it literally tosses everything you knew about weight loss and exercise out the window.  It’s a little fogged with scientific principles, but presented in a such a different way than I am accustomed to seeing.  Also, references – so many references.

So, on a typical day this is what I eat (I’m telling you this because I have begun to lean out, which I have been trying to do for some time now):

Sunday:  B:  Eggs/bacon/veggies/grass-fed cheese  L:  Usually eat or veggies and grilled meat  D:  lean protein, veggies, some kind of starch like red or sweet potatoes, and I eat ice cream that I make from scratch.  I eat these carbs because I do CrossFit on Monday at 11 am.

Monday:  B:  Protein shake from SFH with Dynamic Greens and Instant Coffee Powder in grass-fed milk or almond or coconut milk.  Post Workout:  Another shake or something similar to what I had for breakfast and a banana or berries.  L:  Some paleo meal I have cooked up from  D:  From as well.  Carbs are dependent on what kind of workout I’m doing the next day.  I will eat potatoes or have paleo ice cream if I am going to Crossfit, but only about 25-50 grams or so if I am going to do some interval runs or something.

Tuesday:  B, L & D – Since I usually don’t workout at all on Wednesday, I keep my carbs between 50-150 grams per day.  I usually have the same shake every morning for breakfast, I just eat more for lunch and incorporate more lean meat and veggies into my day.

Wednesday:  B:  Eggs/bacon/veggies/grass-fed cheese  L:  Usually eat or veggies and grilled meat  D:  lean protein, veggies, some kind of starch like red or sweet potatoes.  Again, I will have ice cream or chocolate or wine or a vodka and club soda or something because I go to CrossFit on Thursday evening.

Thursday:  exactly like Sunday and Wednesday because I do CrossFit on Friday morning at 11.

Friday:  I replenish my carbs after my workout with a banana, but otherwise stick to a small amount of carbs throughout the rest of the day if I am not planning on running or doing garage box jumps or mock-WODs in my garage on the weekend.

The point is, carbs should generally be cycled around activities you are doing.  I even incorporated some non-paleo foods into my diet (i.e. homemade sourdough bread)  and then my leaning out really took off.  I only do it once a week, and never with high gluten containing foods because I can’t handle them.    Carbohydrates are the only macronutrient that you can manipulate your fat-burning hormones with.  If you have extra weight, you are unfortunately not one of those people that can tolerate a lot of carbs if you aren’t workout out vigorously.  That is pretty much across the board with people that I have seen in my practice.

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