Just ‘a drinkin’ the CrossFit Kool-Aid

by Dr. Julia Carlson, DC

April 4th, 2013 / in Blog, CrossFit, Paleo / no comments



Kool-Aid Man

So, first thing…Kool-Aid is not Paleo.

Second, I want to clarify what I’ve been up to lately.  I have been in a non-blogging funk because of the craziness in my chiropractic practice.  It’s winding down, or I am getting used to it, one or the other.  I’m excited to be sitting at Caribou Coffee right now and not attached to a cell phone…and my e-mail isn’t up either.  Just for an hour and a half.  It is AWESOME to finally make all of the dreams you have in your career come true, but I just need a breather every now and again.

So, the CrossFit Kool-Aid.  It’s funny to me when people (who many times haven’t experienced) CrossFit seem to deny it’s existence because they figure if they ignore it long enough, it will just go away because it’s a FAD.  That is what people probably did with Jazzercise and the YMCA!  Who wants ANOTHER excuse to move?  Plus, it sounds hard.  By the way, in case you didn’t know, YMCA’s AND Jazzercise franchises are still open!  Trust me, I denied it, too.  I wanted to believe that it was stupid and a waste of time because we all know that utilizing a bodybuilding method of training is the only thing that really works.  I was WRONG.

I have an extensive background in biomechanics, nutrition, personal training, etc. It’s easy when you have all of this education under your belt to think you are pretty much an expert in what you’ve learned.  I’ve been doing a lot of self research to recognize my weaknesses in how I treat patients, my business methods, my eating habits, my exercise habits and my marriage.  I want to be the best I can be in all of my interactions with people and really do everything I do because I want to and with love.

Would you believe I found much of this through CrossFit?

CrossFit has been life-changing for me.  I drank the Kool-Aid.  I have 12 years of bodybuilding experience.  I have trained like a body-builder for that long and have given advice in clean eating nutrition and couldn’t wait to get my Oxygen magazine every month…until I found CrossFit.  I am not saying that there is anything wrong with clean eating and Oxygen magazine, it just doesn’t fit my lifestyle any longer.  Here is what CrossFit has done for me:

  • Push – it has pushed me.  I never pushed myself (because, you know, you can’t train the trainer who knows it all) in all of the years that I was in the gym doing my own workout designs, doing OTHER expert designed workouts, etc.
  • Confidence – Hey…Everyone is good at something.  I happen to be good at muscling-up weight, and am a little slow at technique.  I’m getting there, but I have confidence in the moves and workouts that I can do well, which has built my confidence to do things I’m not as good at.  It has transferred over to many other areas of my life, including my practice.  My chiropractic practice is exploding – something I’ve been working on for 3 years.  It’s exciting.
  • Relationships – there is camaraderie in CrossFit.  There is family in CrossFit.  There are high-fives EVERYDAY – not just on Fridays, and there are plenty of reasons to tell yourself that you don’t like that kind of interaction when you go to the gym, but if you haven’t done CrossFit and experienced that feeling – don’t say it just yet.
  • A Better Body – Yep.  Changes are coming…even the hubby is noticing!  Specifically – my bestie Katie thinks, “You’re getting a butt”.  Which means that I am.  She would know.  Love that girl.  Thank God those full squat cleans are paying off.  And wall-balls.  Shane, my CrossFit Coach knows how much I hate wall-balls.
  • Motivation – I’m saying motivation here but what I really mean is competition.  You pick someone to beat.  Trust me, that will make you PUSH YOURSELF.  It’s fun to be better than people.  And then high-five them and tell them good job afterwards.  In a loving way!

For gosh sakes, if you haven’t gone to talk to a CrossFit coach, please – set up an appointment to tell a coach your goals and see how they can help you.  It is THE BEST THING I have ever done for myself.  If you are in the Eau Claire area, please check out FitElite CrossFit Eau Claire.  The coaches there are amazing and they know what they’re doing.

Next week I am going to write about what CrossFit can actually do for you as far as your individual goals and how CrossFit and Paleo can go together like bacon and eggs!


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