by Dr. Julia Carlson, DC

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So…I’m going to my Box in T-1 hour to head up a Paleo Challenge kick-off.  Freaked. Is.  An.  Understatement.

I actually considered having a big glass of wine at the coffee and wine bar I’m at whilst writing this post to calm my nerves.  What did I decide to get instead?  Medium Americano.  Duh.  I’m doing the opposite of calm.  Right now.  So this is fitting:



So I figured by writing about how freaked out I was, I would somehow feel better about it…waiting…

One of the biggest questions I get is “Why?” By biggest, I mean A LOT.  Why this, why that…it gets sickening really.  However, I am the type of person that likes to know the answer to every question I’m asked.  I read text books for fun.  Just kidding.  Kind of.

Why Paleo?  I wanted to answer this question for myself, because when I started with it, I didn’t have this amazing, life changing experience…I kind of just felt like – how I did when I gave up gluten.  The longer I stuck with it though, the more change I have seen.  The changes have been so small but they add up to so much.

Why Paleo?  The nutrition is outstanding.  What is cool about my background is that I had TONS of physiology.  So, I get to read all of these fancy big worded books that contain all of this information that conventional thought has seemed to either have forgotten, or never cared about.  It’s the fact that we know so much about how nutrients are used in the body, but we are completely ignoring it by eating crap food that doesn’t give us the nutrients our body craves.

The whole point of eating food is to get nutrients…not for pleasure.  Our bodies need nutrients to survive.  How can you expect it to work correctly without giving it what it needs to do that?  Supplements?  Our food is the best supplement there is.

Congratulations.  You just made it through that.  Good for you.  If you are hungry for more, you can check out the Classes link on Why Paleo?  It’s the knowledge bomb-diggity.

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